We use young bands to underscore all our stories. Below are the artists who appear in our episodes and the corresponding episodes they appear in.
We love using new music and think it's a great way for artists to get additional exposure to a worldwide audience, so email us if you're interested in having your music score an episode.
123 Amazing
123 Amazing the name emerged from a 3am conversation, fueled by sticky beverages and lasers. 123 Amazing the band emerged from the morning after, with such surprises the name was remembered that it was decided it had to be used immediately.
Alba Varden
Melbourne boys Alba Varden are quickly demanding attention as they push the boundaries of performance with their downright dirty and raw, energetic mash of indie rock and there eccentric live shows. Definitely a band you must catch live!
Aleks And The Ramps
close yr eyes and you'll burst into flames. ramp attack squadron 3000. aleks and the ramps have organised for a voodoo curse to be automatically placed on anyone who uses the word 'quirky' in relation to their music. and for that matter, anyone who ever uses the word 'quirky'. consider yourself warned!
Theme From Welcome To The Dollhouse
Ancient Man
ANCIENT MAN are a heavy rock band incorporating the fuzzy tones of stonerrock with the punch of punk. The bands unique sound is achieved through a combination of rumbling, rolling riffs, heavy textured guitars, brown noise bass, walloping drums and smooth melodic vocals.
Bachelor Of Arts
Bachelor of Arts are rogue scholars; vigilantes exploring a world of dark pop sensibilities. They've toured throughout Australia with Japanther (US), been featured on MTV and slept on a lot of couches since 2007.
Baseball are the quintessential Melbourne band circa 2007, fusing urgent punk with hypnotic Eastern European violins into a unique sound. Like the Cramps being shoved in a blender with The Dirty Three, their shows are manic and messy but not to be missed!
Black Guns
Every once in a while a band comes along that embodies the spirit of Australian rock music. Black Guns is one of those bands. Blistering loud guitars, gutsy riffs and a thundering rhythm section pumping out foot stamping, good time tunes in a hail of sweat soaked energy.
Nervous Breakdown
Blake Scott
Blake Scott and the Festival of Stable Living are currently workingwith Arbitrage Records and are about to release their debut EP in the coming months.
Boy + Girl
With a sound derived from a love of Euro disco and a splash of guitar, they have fun making the dance floor snap, crackle and pop. Born in a bedroom by the bay, with a love of good times and fine wine, Boy+Girl=FUN
Braindead Lovers
Inspired by the likes of T-rex and Bowie, throwing in some big beats and a British punk edge to match, Braindead Lovers unique brand of song is born.
Four piece Melbourne rock outfit Bugdust are getting ready to destroy audiences all over the world. Their debut album "Welcome to the City of Snakes" was recorded over 30 days at a compound on the Mexican border in El Paso Texas called Sonic Ranch. Produced by legendary, Grammy Award winning Neil Kernon (Sex Pistols, Queen, Cannibal Corpse & Judas Priest).
Dead By Dawn
Dead By Dawn
Children Collide
Forming in the primordial ooze of Melbourne, Australia's pub scene's carpets after a hitchhiking odyssey from "up North", Children Collide are Johnny (vocals/guitar), Heath (bass) and Ryan (drums). Alternately melodic, acerbic, clanging and ominous, people have said that Children Collide sound like Nirvana and Sonic Youth.
Cross-Eyed Mary
They're not a band to be pigeon-holed and their music has been described in reviews as 'Liverpool beat Cavern Club', thru 'old school blues' to a tinge of 'chicken pickin' country.
Dardanelles debut album 'Mirror Mirror' is a lucid dream of unexpected hooks, mesmerizing grooves, vivid lyrical imagery and filmic noise with Dardanelles combining shoe-gaze guitars, hip-hop programming, Detroit-tech piano, one man choirs, and Kubrickesque trance outs.
Eden Altman
Eden has led many bands into obscurity but has humbly assisted many groups into glory. He has performed with, Abby Dobson (Leonardoa??s Bride) and supported Tex Perkins, Lior and The Waifs. He has worked for two years with Josh Abrahams (Addicted 2 Bass) on finding new ways of spending time in the studio with Youtube.
Midwest U.S. Trio send the listener on a danceable, white noise, spiritual journey. Their music blatently ignores all boundaries jumpin off somewhere between noise punk, pop, R&B, and new Psychedilica.
Foxx On Fire
"Finishing the night with a bang was the big label A&R's wet dream, Foxx on Fire. Give them a few years and they'll be sharing stages with The Rapture and Bloc Party..... Foxx on Fire are going to be big." - Inpress Magazine
Gameboy/Gamegirl fall into the category of filthy, dirty electro bubblegum pop. After listening to these guys you know they're going to do well. They sit on the fence between indie and dance and have a solid sound that will be picked up by punters on either side.
Sweaty Wet Dirty Damp
Sweaty Wet Dirty Damp
Sweaty Wet Dirty Damp
Geek Love
Geek Love's mix of tempo; from syncopated metal guitars to wailing rock and roll make them sound like the bastard child of Static X and Iron Maiden.
Hell City Glamours
Combining the sleaze of Guns a??na?? Roses and Hanoi Rocks with the groove and swagger of Aerosmith and The Rolling Stones then adding a dash of 80a??s punk rock energy has given Hell City Glamours a sound reminiscent of all the classics.
There is something primal about what they do; from their swampy rock swagger, blistering on-stage improvisation to deeply introspective balladry, they are a band that transcends genre.
I Heart Hiroshima
I Heart Hiroshima is a three piece act from Brisbane, Australia; originally formed in July of 2005 at a house party. They are Matthew Somers (guitar/voice), Susie Patten (drums/voice) and Cameron Hawes (guitar/voice.) The band has developed a unique sound from their a??bass-lessa?? band structure of two guitars and drums, combined with shared vocal duties from all three members. One of VCC's favorites!
James Kane
You defiantly couldn't pick he was born in 1992, he has some serious recognition by the likes of Le Castle Vania, Matt & Kim, Outrun and Futurecop just to name a few. His songs have been posted all over the internet and unlike most of his teenager buddies, he has started out with his own original work, before remixing established artists. His tracks are more subtle and well done than other 'banging' producers, with a nice synth sound supporting most of his tracks.
Jumbling Towers
In the fall of 2005, Jumbling Towers convened in Columbia, Missouri with fresh musical ideas and positive attitudes. They toiled together as a band, honing their craft, planting and cultivating their seed, building their house on solid ground...
Learn The Splits
The conviction in frontman Ryan Wheatley a??s voice was backed up by the power of his acoustic guitar, but ita??s the addition of the drums that gave this performance real direction. Their gutsy acoustic rock caught the early crowda??s attention, and certainly made for a hard act to follow.
Lewie Day
Quite the virtuoso, Lewie began playing the piano at age four and as a young teen was already proficient on the guitar, drums and saxophone. This early musical influence gave Lewie an excellent grounding to evolve into the impressive and inspiring young producer and live performer that he is today.
Lost Valentinos
With their EP, Damn & Damn Again, The Lost Valentinos' reputation as a gang of rogues intent on forging their own original sound has been cemented. The Lost Valentinos are set to spread their gospel like bush fire. And wanna hear the frightening thing? Well, in the bone-thin words of Karen Carpenter, "They've only just begun."
Love System Deluxe
Love System Deluxe combine an original sound with an indie New York edge, mixing pop dance beats and sounds while staying true to their sleazy, rock'n'roll roots, the boys have got a lot of love to give with their sexual on stage presence!
It Ain't No Smoke & Mirrors
Two Hands Tied
You'd Die For Me
Kiss For Kill
Mammoth Mammoth
Heavier than fuck and twice as sweaty, MAMMOTH MAMMOTH emerged from the molten pit of hell in the year 666BC, at the exact moment rock first collided with roll. Playing some of the most brutal, ground pounding, chest thumping, cat punching tracks in the history of the HISTORY of rock and roll, their feedback heavy, murder fuzz has been shown to be deadly to unicorns.
Marble Archie
Marble Archie creates music of thrilling listening which you may find yourself dancing to...
MC Gaff E
Brisbane - born contained butterfly, snatched and shipped from the clutches of the London psychedelic 'club kids' scene, with a swift sprinkle of stylistic kitsch performance attire. MC Gaff E evokes euphoria through the souls of some bodies, through the electronic and psychedelic sounds of music in her own representation...Those bodies, some will say, shall cause riots!
War Of The Badger
My Disco
Well known for their precise and flawless live performances. The band has gained a strong and dedicated following since they first came together in 2003. A lot has been accomplished in the last 5 years, from countless headlining shows within Australia and around the world, to playing support for international bands such as Battles, Mogwai, Death From Above, Comets On Fire and Deerhoof.
My Left Boot
My Left Boot combine elements of 70s fuzz rock, 60s psychedelia and grunge era heavyness with high energy and pinch of salt to form a band that is both exciting and high in blood pressure.
Formed from the rubble of confused and desperate minds, PEACOCKS are the hope for a better future. A future where the saxophone is God. Where wah-wah is cool again. Where synchronised dance moves are a legitimate form of self-expression. Where power comes not from violence or love, but from the force of your strut. Where you have to get your feathers out to impress.
Pets With Pets
Combining angular post-punk guitar work with dance-music's insistence on the groove, Melbourne's PWP would have maybe been called "dance-punk" back in 2003, but they're more raw, lo-fi and alive than much of that genre's current formulaic output, and sound more like Tom Vek than The Bravery. Maybe the best thing to happen in collingwood since smack...
A Nice Piece Of Fun
We Only Found This Place
Polygon Palace
Polygon Palace formed after a chance encounter between recreational time-traveller Adam Ferns and future-street-tough Gabriel Crossan, at The Polygon Palace Of Time Adventure Determined to raise enough money for a ticket home, they formed a band, harnessing the medium of popular song to share their experiences of vampire-hunting robots, personality transplants and cross-dimensional hedonism. With synths.
Each of them didn't really have much to do with each other until Andy got a drum kit for his 15th birthday so it was early one sunday morning headed up to 16B to find out who got the kit they all finally became friends. And the rest as they say is a mystery, history.
Taking inspiration from many bands and artists from the 60's and 70's, the Redcoats have found a solid blend of high intensity rock and roll and soulful blues to secure there position in the music scene as a well respected band who are amounting to new levels at a vsicous velocity.
Being a 4-piece post-rock band hailing from the sometimes sunny, sometimes cold and raining city of Melbourne, Australia. Over time Responder have managed to carve their own distinctive sound out of a wide musical landscape with passion, conviction and honesty as their muse.
Seeing And Thinking At Twice Speed
Rich Kids (R.I.P)
They are just like you and I - they have a pair of lungs,two eyes,a nose,skin and hair. But, when you look inside of them, you'll find that the Rich Kids are a-MAZE-ing. The only problem is...Once you're in, how do you get back out? Another problem is that they broke up last year...
Richard Swift
Richard Swift is an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and short-film maker. Richard Swift's tongue is tied. He makes things. Richard Swift hates talking in the third person, but does anyway.
The German (Something Came Up)
Du(M)B I
Opt II
Knee-High Boogie Blues
Phone Coffins
Knee-High Boogie Blues
Even More Sign Language
The Bully
Whistle At The Bottom Of A Show
The Original Thought
Whistle At The Bottom Of A Show
You can either take offence at them or be crazy about them. Despite their relatively short career Rotofobia managed to establish a reputation as a band which you may love or hate. For Sebastian B, the hypnotizing charismatic leader of the band, rock'n'roll is not just the music but his way of life and an inseparable means to express himself in any time, both on stage and backstage.
Six Ft Hick
The jungle drums pound to the sound of a thousand hips snaking. Ita??s a beat you can dance to, ita??s a dance you can beat off too.Ita??s carnal, ita??s animal, ita??s outta your control. Ita??s a faux-zebra rug, a jason rocker-recliner, a leather look lounge, satin sheets and silk shirts.
Skybombers are about energy, theya??re about melody, theya??re about 4 A.M., theya??re about being so drunk that you cana??t stand still, so your only option is to dance. Most of all, they are about being young. Everyone can relate to that!
Time, Money And Me
Load Up is a crooked exercise in leering post-punk that pays homage to searing bass tones of Bauhaus and Joy Division while not abandoning Sojourna??s rocka??na??roll roots. Spaceship is a heavily distorted exercise in wet production a?g like a drunk Captain Kirk commandeering the Death Star and crashing it into the Sun (Daniel Watt - Beat Magazine).
Sons Of Stanhope
Blues,hard Rock, twisted with funk/country ghetto, slapped with energy...The Sons of Stanhope have been pushing their way up the rock ladder since they started 16 months ago. Packing out multiple gigs at the Peninsula lounge and the esplanade hotel the hype is growing like fungus...
Casualty Room Floor
Hand That Feeds You
Chasin The Chase
The Bungalows
Having released an EP late last year, to a welcomed response from folk at FBI and Triple J, Australian, NSW South Coast band THE BUNGALOWS return with their debut self titled album out November 2008. Recorded in a backyard shed come studio, by Matt Bragg of Bragg Recordings, the new disc offers another taste of Bungalow goodness before they take off around the country in support of their new release.
The Director's Cult
The music has been dubbed by some as electro horror funk. Picture a melding pot of horror movie kills, funky bass lines, groovy drum breaks, twisted keyboard loops and dark, morbid, yet sweet vocals.
The Gallant
Surviving school, university, living together, and even a near-fatal car crash, the Gallant have been making music together for the past 8 years. Through a willingness to evolve, the Gallant has made a point of blending sound and genre in their songwriting, drawing influences from not only an upbringing of rock and pop punk, but also from dance, hip hop, and anything else that could be borrowed from the club scene.
The John Steel Singers
The John Steel Singers, purveyors of glorious backyard summer pop melodies having been sweating it out in a van learning all the names of towns between Brisbane and Adelaide.
Tony Delaney
Strawberry Wine
Smashing The Speed Of Sound On An Empty Lake In Utah
The Staged Intervention Of Poor Richard By His Righteous Peers
Dangerously infectious, fat and ferocious grooves haunted by layered vocals and contorted guitars. TST produce dark, energetic and dynamic music with guitar hooks that will stay in your head for days, all with a rhythm section that have the audience dancing in a detonation of propulsive, sharp, post-punk party shapes.
Ungkas - the new pioneers of tribal rock - come highly recommended for those who like variety in their metal.
Young Dead Actors
Melbourne based project from Billy Morse, including a team of individuals assisting with binary sounds and sweet sweet vocal sugar. Follow a white line down to the corner sweet shop and enjoy this Swedish/ French Electro Spaz Pop Disco Dynamite.
Where's My Threesome