What is VCC?
What is VCC?

ViveCoolCity.com is an on-line video broadcaster that streams three 4-5 min original documentary episodes every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Based out of Australia, we cover stories we wanna see but can't find anywhere else-
from incest in Tasmania to kidnapping in Mexico, homeless kids in LA, peep shows, pick-up artists, slip'n'slides, dudes who believe they are the reincarnation of Jesus, heroin addicts & donkey rape..

Created by a team of 30+ teenage to thirty year olds from all corners of the globe, we're uncensored, we shoot what we want & our shit is not about pushing an agenda or succumbing to self-indulgent bullshit. Our focus is the story and about delivering content that makes us think, talk and question.

Sometimes funny, sometimes serious and sometimes ridiculous. We'll never seek to harm or offend but always promise to entertain..
enjoy people-